Yumemiru Shoujo

Nome Alternativo: The Girl Who Dreams

Yumemiru Shoujo
Formato: Hentai Manga
Genero: Anal , Estupro , Pettanko , Romance , Vida Escolar
Art: Fuuga
Scans: Yakumo
Idioma: Portugues
Cápitulos: 7
Volumes 1
Especiais 0
Hentai: Completo
Ano: 2004
Censura: Sim

Nami Shinjou is a responsible teacher and is a girl anyone can fall in love for : caring, responsible and sweet. She is supposed to enter the best years of her life, living life as society has stated and marrying her now rich childhood friend.... However, Nami's heart dreams with the idea of someone "sweeping her off", someone that can bring excitement to her life.... Will this brave & ideal man ever come? Even if he is a student? Her true dreams will be set in motion when she confiscates a 'ero' magazine from one of the class most handsome

Lista de Capítulos do Volume 1

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